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Frequently Asked Questions


Registration for Labs and Seminars

How nice that you are interested in one of our seminars or labs! We get many questions regarding our registration process, so here is a brief outline.

How do I register / apply for a seminar or lab?

  1. To participate in a seminar or lab in our group, you have to be present in the preliminary meeting. This meeting usually takes place in the first or second week of a semester and is announced on our teaching website. Here, we discuss the organization of the meetings and requirements for passing the module. More importantly, in the preliminary meeting we present the topic(s) of the module and answer all questions that you might have.

  2. After the preliminary meeting you must decide whether you are interested in one or more of the topics. Then you and your fellow students apply for a topic and we assign a topic and a supervisor to you. If there are not enough spots in the seminar / lab, we will take into account how many other modules you have passed in our group.

  3. If you have acquired a spot in our seminar / lab, you have to register in BASIS if you are a student at University of Bonn. B-IT students enrolled in Aachen must notify us of this situation (they can of course participate in our seminars or labs).

The lab is in "Fraunhofer Schloss Birlinghoven", how do I get there on time?

  1. Here are directions for bus, bike, car and airplane.
  2. Please note that our meetings start at the full hour, not c.t. In order to be on time you have to take a bus that arrives 20min early. This is by design, as you will need some time to register at the front gate and to get to the meeting room on campus.

Do I need to register for the preliminary meeting?

Typically, no! A registration for the preliminary meeting is usually not necessary unless stated otherwise in the announcement of the meeting on the web page. Usually, the only exception to this is when the preliminary meeting takes place at Fraunhofer Schloss Birlinghoven.

Can I register for a seminar / lab before the preliminary meeting?

No. Sending an early e-mail prior to the preliminary meeting does not affect your chances of getting a spot. If you want to apply for a spot in a seminar / lab, you must send an e-mail after the preliminary meeting.
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