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Student Guides and Templates

General Information

On this page we provide a bunch of writing tips, guidelines and templates for you. These guidelines should help you to structure reports and theses and give nice oral presentations. Hence we recommend you to read the guidelines before starting to write or preparing a talk. However, following all the guidelines is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition to get a good grade, or even to pass the respective module.

There are three different repositories. The first repository contains guidelines for reports, theses and oral presentations.  The other two repositories contain templates for reports and theses. You can find the repositories on our github or you can directly download them using the following links.

Student Guide

In the student guide you can find helpful tips and information to consider when writing a report, a thesis or giving an oral presentation. It includes formal aspects (e.g. page limits, correct citations, ...) but also tips for better writing.

Report Template

The report template can be used as a template for lab, seminar and project groups reports. Some modules might require you to use exactly this template, without alterations.

Thesis Template

The thesis template can be used as a template for bachelor and master theses. You may use it as is, or change it to your liking.

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